Best Places to Paddle Board in USA

The beautiful cities of USA is a great outdoor destination. With a varied climate and diverse locations, from sunny beaches to majestic mountains, it is the perfect setting for all kinds of outdoor activities, and canoeing and kayaking are no exception. If you like going out on the water to play one of these challenging sports, you should definitely visit these best world-class spots to paddleboard in the USA.



Coronado Island

This small island, off the coast of San Diego, offers excellent opportunities for people interested in enjoying the benefits of paddleboarding. On the west side, the island has ocean waves that are ideal for SUP.

If you don't like riding the waves of the sea, you will be impressed to know that this is not your only option. You can take your beginner SUP board to San Diego Bay, on the east side of Coronado Island, for a bit of a paddle on the water.



Mission Bay

Mission Bay, also located in San Diego, is an ideal place to practice SUP in the USA. The place has numerous coves through which you can row. The waters at these places are generally calm, making for a fun and relaxing SUP experience.

If you feel like doing more on your board, you can bring your paddleboard fishing accessories. Mission Bay is a popular area for fishing.



Port of Santa Barbara

This stand-up paddleboarding spot in California, USA has a fairly calm and quiet environment, ideal for paddlers who love a relaxing SUP experience. The port features some gentle waves. This tells you that you won't be bored while exploring the harbor. Once you've finished exploring the waters on your SUP board, you can enjoy other outdoor activities such as whale watching and hiking.



Morro Bay

Morro Bay is a small town, along the western coast of California, between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The bay is considered one of the most picturesque places in the USA for paddle surfing.

The waters have smaller, calmer waves, ideal for a fairly relaxed paddling experience. On windy days, however, it is not uncommon to find bigger waves in the bay.

Morro Bay has a wide variety of marine wildlife, including seals, fish, rays, sea lions, and leopard sharks. You can also enjoy some nice bird watching while exploring the place to go rowing.



Redondo Beach

If you like to socialize while exploring the waters with your paddleboard, Redondo Beach can be an ideal place to go SUP. The SUP community is quite strong in the area of paddling.

Although it is not uncommon for the area to get crowded, it has regulations that make it possible for everyone to have a great SUP experience. The port has ideal places for both beginners and SUP experts.



Lake Tahoe

In California, the ocean is not the only ideal place to enjoy stand-up paddleboarding. Although the state may not have the most lakes in the US, it does have a few lakes that are great for stand-up paddleboarding.

Lake Tahoe, located along the Nevada-California border, has a smooth surface and crystal clear waters capable of making your SUP experience relaxing and enjoyable. The general area around Lake Tahoe is ideal for camping and other outdoor activities such as biking and hiking.



Catalina Island

Catalina Island is located southwest of Los Angeles in the Pacific Ocean. The paddling spot features a variety of paddling experiences, depending on your experience and the type of waters you prefer.

The western side of the island has pleasant Pacific waves, ideal for paddlers who enjoy SUP surfing. The Port of Avalon boasts calm waters, marine life, and scenery.

When you're not exploring the waters with your paddleboard, you can enjoy socializing and visiting art galleries. The SUP California place has lovely restaurants where you can dine.



Newport Beach

Newport Beach is located south of Los Angeles, along the Pacific coast. Experienced paddlers can locate spots to suit their experience, while beginners can explore the tranquil harbor offering a relaxing and informal experience. Back Bay offers a "Glow Night" tour where paddle surfers take to the water at night on LED-lit paddleboards.

Newport Beach is ideal for a wide variety of other water sports. If you get tired of standing on your SUP board, you may decide to try swimming, kayaking, and snorkeling.



Pipeline Hawaii

Pipeline Beach is located on the island of Oahu in Hawaii (USA). It is one of the cradles of the surfing world, beginning to surf continuously in 1961. In its nearly 11 km of coastline, we can find perfect waves for expert surfers, due to the quality of its period and its precious tubes. Of course, it is not highly recommended to enter this beach if we are not yet skilled with the board, since its immense waves are mixed, with a shallow bottom of coral reefs.

A coral reef bottom can cause deep cuts and painful bumps. Due to this dangerous background, numerous fatal accidents have taken place on the beach. It is, therefore, one of the most dangerous waves in the world. The marine reef bottom is placed on a volcanic reef, with quite a few peculiarities. The rock has numerous sharp edges and deep cracks, making any fall difficult.



Mavericks Half Moon Bay

One of the largest waves in the world with about 400 meters of travel and with a height that exceeds 30 meters on days of intense storms. This wave, located in Half Moon Bay just 30 minutes from San Francisco, is one of the colossi of the world of surfing. It is a wave only suitable for professionals of the giant waves. Its discoverer, Jeff Clark, was the pioneer in surfing it, and, over the years, many brave people have tried it too.

It is one of the best-known waves in the world, due to its location and for having been the protagonist in one of the most famous surf movies ever made, “Chasing Mavericks” from 2012.



The cities of the USA have some of the best places to practice SUP. While this list is not exhaustive, we have covered some of the paddleboarding spots in the USA that offer the best SUP experience.

The SUP venues described in this article are ideal for all paddlers, regardless of skill level. Beginning rowers may find quieter spots, while experienced rowers may find areas that offer a more challenging experience. If you love riding waves on your SUP board, some of the ocean paddle boarding spots listed above have waves that are ideal for SUP surfing.

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